Mobilizing Your Business with Powerful Next Generation Solutions

Custom Development

Developing apps to Boost your Business, utilizing Salesforce Services, Platform & Products

With Salesforce Platform Mobile and Lightning, we build rich engaging enterprise apps and pages, while delivering the enterprise trust and control you need. We get your work flowing by connecting your apps with Salesforce data as well as external data sources using flexible APIs.

Lightning Platform

Transforming data into powerful tools for strategic management and decision making was never this easy. Leveraging the secure infrastructure and progressive capabilities of Salesforce, we engineer powerful enterprise apps, workflows and data schemas for any device.

  • Design any experience for any device with Salesforce Lightning and JavaScript Frameworks
  • Develop pages and responsive apps using configurable components on Lightning App Builder
  • Automate workflow with Process Builder and Lightning Flow
  • Seamlessly integrate data across system boundaries with Lightning Connect
  • Ensure trust and compliance with Salesforce Shield
  • Provide Identity & Access Management (IAM) for applications using Identity


Building rich engaging customer facing apps and digital experiences, while delivering the enterprise trust and control you need, comes easy with the polyglot platform Heroku. Using open-source technologies, we create apps that can be integrated with Salesforce

  • Run apps inside Dynos (Node, Ruby, Java, PHP, Python, Go, Scala, Clojure)
  • Database (Heroku Postgres)
  • Add-Ons (performance monitoring, logging, caching and more)
  • Sync with Salesforce clouds using Heroku Connect.

Mobile Development

With experience in all facets of mobile – design, development, deployment & support - our team helps you harness the power and capabilities of Salesforce from your mobile devices.Using the latest mobile technologies, we create custom mobile apps -Native/Cross platform/ Mobile web solutions.

Using features such as gamification, social media integration, streaming, GPS, maps, augmented reality, push messaging, ad serving, web services integration and database synchronization, we tailor the most meaningful application experience. Our mobile solutions integrate with Salesforce making your business Faster, Smarter & Agile.


We enable your company to connect data from any device, mobile app, sensor or website, and make it interact with Salesforce. These enormous quantities of data not just make your apps powerful, but provide you with insights that make you act faster and better.

We design & develop the right, context-aware IoT solutions for your business:

  • Develop apps for connected products using Salesforce platform
  • Use Salesforce APIs to receive information from connected devices
  • Build intuitive tools with workflow that is capable of responding in real time
  • Use scalable Cloud Computing resources that can ingest the big data
  • Provide a unified view by integrating existing IoT apps with Salesforce
  • Automate actions in any Salesforce cloud using integrated apps

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