Custom Application Development

Connect your Customers, Employees and Partners with Custom Applications

Utilizing Salesforce Services, Platform and Products, we quickly develop any type of app– Productivity App (, Engagement App (Heroku), Connected App (IoT Cloud). Our team delivers custom solutions within the cloud, integrates them with other business solutions and equips you to manage them from anywhere. We develop the desired functionalities even outside of Salesforce’s standard range and facilitate better business Application Development

Transforming data into powerful tools for strategic management and decision making was never this easy.

Leveraging the secure infrastructure and progressive capabilities of Salesforce, we engineer powerful enterprise apps, workflows and data schemas using code or ‘Declarative’/Point-And-Click development mode.

  • Design any experience for any device with Salesforce Lightning and JavaScript Frameworks.
  • Develop apps using ApEx and Visualforce.
  • Automate workflow with Process Builder
  • Integrate any data source with Salesforce Connect
  • Capture, Filter and Respond to events in real time with processing engine Thunder
  • Encrypt sensitive data using encryption software Shield
  • Provide Identity & Access Management (IAM) for applications using Identity

Heroku Enterprise Application Development

Building rich engaging customer facing apps and digital experiences, while delivering the enterprise trust and control you need, comes easy with the polyglot platform Heroku.

We build, run and scale apps quickly using Heroku’s powerful features.

  • Dynos (Ruby, Node.js, Python, Java, PHP, Scala)
  • Database (Postgres)
  • Add-Ons (performance monitoring, logging, caching and more)
  • Sync with Salesforce clouds using Heroku Connect.

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