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Fasttrack your transition from Classic to Lightning platform

Let the future of Salesforce work for your business.
Let our Salesforce experts’ reimagination and re-engineering capabilities make it easy.

Lightning™ Migration

We assess your operational readiness and functional needs for shifting from Classic to Lightning and build a strategic plan for your success. Salesforce has outlined the gaps between the Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Our team can help yours in transition to Lightning, building custom integrations and launching new features during the process.

Full Lightning™ Migration

  • Discover missing features, assess functionality gaps andunearth unhealthy data
  • Work on a roadmap with you and prioritize action items
  • Suggest new Lighting-ready third-party apps to improve your efficiency
  • Fix all potential unforeseen bugs and org incompatibilities to build an even more robust Lightning migration plan
  • Choose configurations that have the most impact on your functioning
  • Complete business process optimization and redesigning of your system to accomplish the goals you outlined
  • Ensure your organization’s workflows, processes and goals are fully supported in Lightning

Pilot Lightning™ Migration

  • Suitable for companies having low to moderate complex Salesforce orgs
  • For quick transition to Lightning, we leverage established assets and standard objects to accelerate your transition
  • Update assets and components to make them Lightning-ready and turn onLightning Experience
  • Enhance user adoption and experience, and ability to leverage new features
  • Help the users try Lightning without migrating any custom features
  • Set up sales console app that makes everyone super productive
  • Provide itemized list of the features you use and customizations you will need

Lightning™ Components

We customize your org with Lightning components and convert Visualforce functionality into Lightning. We also extend Lightning Experience with custom Visualforce pages and apps to help you bring those features to life that Salesforce hasn’t implement within Lightning yet. With intuitive, crisp page layouts, we enable you to take full advantage of Lightning’s flexibility.

  • Help you work with data in your Salesforce org using ready-to-go interface elements available in HTML and CSS code
  • Use the built-in components such as Lightning Data Service
  • Build rich enterprise experiences with established best practices that are native to Salesforce
  • Create custom applications using patterns and standard components provided to customize your Lightning experience
  • With “componentized” framework, we design unique set of capabilities fit for your org

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